What is SEO?

“A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.” ― Paul Cookson

SEO basically is a method to help your website rank better when someone search certain keyword on search engine such like google, yahoo, bing & etc. Therefore, it has become one of the major concern when corporate building website, because the better rank means the quicker their website as well as company brand name deliver to the audience / searcher who search for the service related to their business.

How Google Rank your website?

According to google development team, google searching engine rank is base on the quality of your website. Which means how user friendly is your website (Onsite SEO) and also how related your webpage information related to the query (Offsite SEO). 

In additional, google development teams also stated that through times, google has change & modify the way of the ranking. Thus, there is no guarantee ranking in the market. However, IdeaBatch will keep follow the latest news from google in order to helps clients successful in ranking. 

How IdeaBatch SEO Works?

IdeaBatch SEO is a VAS (Value-Added Service) cum with IdeaBatch WebDesign. We are doing this because by having full control of client website, we able to develop more user-friendly website as well as other Onsite SEO settings, therefore deliver and maximize the final result. 

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